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Heath Glen Farm and Kitchen

Dorothy Stainbrook

Have you always run your current business?

I have been farming and running my small business for 16 years.  Prior to this I worked as an environmental planner for the state Pollution Control Agency

What’s your favorite or least favorite vegetable?

I follow a fairly strict slow carb diet so my favorite vegetables are non-starchy vegetables that grow above ground (i.e., greens, spinach, chard, etc.).  My least favorite would be the tubers like beets, potatoes, etc.  But only because they are not allowed in my diet (they still taste great!).

What’s your favorite thing to get from other vendors at the market?

Artisan breads, especially fermented sour dough bread.  I also like all of the meat and fish options.

What question do people not ask you at the market that you wish they did?

Why do you think the heirloom tomatoes taste better than hybrid tomatoes?

Do you have a favorite market memory?

I love watching the young kids get introduced to the market and enjoy the experience of knowing where food comes from.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten about farming / your business?

In order to make a living at farming you have to farm at a very small scale or a very large scale.  In between these two takes a lot of money for large equipment and employees but not the return because you don’t have the volume.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why?

Always wanted to fly…..unimpeded that is.

What do you do when you’re not doing work for your farm / business?

I do online coaching for the slow carb diet.  I also try and take a month off for a family vacation.

Vendor Details

Markets: Kingfield


Forest Lake, MN