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Currant Cordial

You can’t beat fresh, tart, currant juice on a hot summer day. Super simple, so delicious. Here’s how to do it.


2 c washed, de-stemmed fresh currants

1/2c – 1 c sugar or pure agave nectar (depending how sweet you like)


Place currants into a sauce pan and pour in enough water to cover slightly. Boil for 5-10 minutes or until currants begin to burst/skins break. Remove from heat and strain through a very fine mesh strainer, muslin, or cheese cloth. Once all the juice has been finely strained, add sugar or agave to desired sweetness. If adding sugar, place freshly strained juice back onto stove top for another 2 minutes or until sugar has melted.

You can do so many things with currant juice. Add fresh mint, ginger, or other fruit juice diluted with a bit of water or soda and enjoy it as a fantastic drink (non-alcoholic or alcoholic). Gin and vodka pair very well. You can also put the juice into an ice cube tray and freeze for later, or use as a base for a tart summer salad dressing. The options with currant juice are endless…