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Most beets are delightfully pink but there are varieties such as Chioggias that are pink and white striped. Almost like a peppermint candy. A Golden beet is just like its name, golden like the sun and a Yellow Detroit tricks you by being orange when it’s raw but softening to a yellow when cooked. A beet is a friendly vegetable because you can eat both the bulb as well as the greens which only require a simple sautee. And, they’re very easy to cook. In general, there are 3 ways to cook a beet bulb. You can steam them, roast them or boil them. All of these ways include removing the dirty outer skin. We find that the easiest – and least messiest – way is to roast them. But, regardless of how you decide to cook your beet, the result is an earthy and pretty product that pairs well with spicy greens, soft cheeses, vinegars, citrus and nuts.