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Community Food & Supply Drive

Together, we have already collected & distributed: (updated October 8th)

– Almost 3,000 pounds of farmers market food
– 5,000 diapers
– Detergent for 2,600 loads of laundry
– Soap for 2,500 sinks of dishes
– 200 razors & shaving cream canisters
– 100 sticks of deodorant

Please continue to donate these items. Drop them off at the info tent and we will do the rest. Thank you.

Currently, we can only accept the following items:

– Farmers market products (fresh produce, jam, pickles, ground coffee, honey, syrup)
– Diapers
– Laundry detergent
– Dish soap
– Razors & shaving cream
– Deodorant
Huge thank you to Twin Cities Food Justice for helping us distribute fresh produce. Shout out to the extended network of community organizers who are helping bridge the gap between what our neighbors have and what they need.