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EBT at the Market

Double your SNAP benefits at the market!

Swipe your EBT card at the info tent to purchase tokens to spend with vendors. All vendors with SNAP-EBT eligible items accept EBT tokens. It’s not just fruit & veggies. You can also buy honey, eggs, granola, jam, pickles, coffee beans, local meat and more!

Your benefits get matched up to $10 EVERY TIME you visit the farmers market. Neighborhood Roots operates 68 market days per year, so you could get an extra $680 a year in Market Bucks! Not only do you benefit, our farmers benefit. Every dollar spent at the market supports local farmers and small business owners.

Market Bucks match SNAP-EBT spending dollar-for-dollar (up to $10) at participating farmers markets across Minnesota. There are 4 easy steps to using SNAP-EBT at the farmers market:

1. Go to the Information Booth at the farmers market.
2. Swipe your EBT card and use at least $10 of your food or cash benefit.
3. Get $10 in free Market Bucks*.
4. Shop for SNAP-eligible food at the farmers market with your EBT tokens & Market Bucks**

*Remember to check the expiration date and use your Market Bucks before they expire!

** EBT Tokens & Markets Bucks are used like dollars bills. However, vendors cannot give change or exchange for cash.